WVAEA Conference News  2013
Searching For R.A.T.'s  (Retired Art Teachers)
Bob Robinson, the Pied Piper of Retired Art Teachers (aka the Director of the Retired Teachers Division) would like to lead many of our former friends and colleagues back to the WVAEA.  If you have contact information for any retired art teacher, please forward it to Bob,  email the head RAT at rjrobins64@hotmail.com

WVAEA Important Announcement: 

WV Art Education Association has a new policy for participating in Youth Art Month (known as: YAM) activities.  Beginning with the 2010-11 school year, a teacher must be an active member in WVAEA in order to enter his/her students’ work in any of the Youth Art Month competitions. This policy change follows the National Art Education Association trend where state associations offer participation privileges to members only.  It also follows the example of West Virginia Music and Dance associations who also only permit active members to participate in competitions.

These competitions and exhibits are funded by the dues paid by our members.  All WVAEA activities are organized, promoted and made possible by a few very hard working volunteers. Get active, join in the fun and help make our activities a success.

We invite all art teachers to become members of this professional organization. Take advantage of this, as well as all the other benefits of WVAEA.  Application link available above.

If you are just joining WVAEA so your students can be entered into exhibitions please do not wait till the last minute. It takes the National Art Education Assocation a little over a month to process the form and update state membership list. The membership is then mailed monthly to membership chairs of each state.

WVAEA Member Grants
In an effort to reward membership in WVAEA, provide funding for innovative classroom projects and to support implementation of the West Virginia Content Standards and Objectives, the West Virginia Art Education Association has allocated $2000 each year to be available in grant(s) funding to its members.  The amount of a grant can vary from $50 and up.  Contact Sandy Shaw for information: slshaw@access.k12.wv.us

West Virginia Art Education Association
October 25 - 26, 2013  West Liberty University, West Liberty, WV
Newsletter should be in the mail: September 21, 2013

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Friday, October 25
Banquet and Awards at Oglebay Resort & Conference Center  Open Bar at 6:30pm and Dinner at 7:00pm  Awesome Art Auction at 8:30pm

Saturday, October 26
WVAEA Members Lunch & Meeting On the West Liberty University Campus at 12:00 noon

Hotel: A block of rooms is reserved (under the West Virginia Art Education Association) at Oglebay Resort & Conference Center, 465 Lodge Drive, Wheeling, WV. The cost is $125 (two double beds or one king) per night. For reservations, call 1-800-624-6988 or 304-243-4000.

For additional information about the Conference, please contact:  Lou Karas, Conference Chair, at 304-336-8162 or lkaras@westliberty.edu.

2013 Conference Sessions

About Face: Using Portraiture to Teach Communication Skills to Children with Autism
2 hoursAll LevelsNo Fee
The Warhol Museum staff will present their Art & Autism Program, which uses the practice of contemporary artists to teach facial recognition skills to children with autism. Facial recognition research by Dr. Jim Tanaka at the University of Victoria (British Columbia) initiated the museum’s pilot projects in the field. Research shows autism is more prevalent in the classroom than previously thought. This increase necessitates the development of innovative and creative ways to enhance autistic students’ cognitive skills. Children with autism lack social skills due to their inability to interpret expressions and read non-verbal cues. This session will provide an overview of the program’s design and outcomes and a range of artmaking and art viewing activities for participants to experience. The aim of the presenters is to provide art educators with the opportunity to discover new ways to help students acquire valuable nonverbal communications skills.
Presenters: Tresa Varner, Curator of Education & Interpretation, and Leah Morrelli, School Programs Coordinator, at The Andy Warhol Museum

Creativity and Education: A Mutually Exclusive Paradox?
1½ HoursAll LevelsNo Fee
“Creativity is a high-demand skill that most workforces and industries are looking for in their employees. Educational institutions, in contrast, seem to focus more on standardized testing and memorizing skills than critical thinking and creativity. Sir Ken Robinson even goes so far as to ask the question if schools kill creativity in his book, Out of Our Minds: Learning to Be Creative. This interactive presentation will focus on these issues by presenting a short background on existing creativity research, providing a platform for the discussion of the controversial topic of teaching for creativity, and by challenging participants to explore their own creativity.
Presenter: Dr. Miriam Roth Douglas, Assistant Professor of Education, West Liberty University

Teaching About Space: Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Strategies to Help Students Become More Aware of Their Environment
1½ hours All LevelsNo Fee
In this workshop, participants will learn more about how you can make students aware of the space around them and how to create sensory experiences in the classroom. The Mattress Factory, a contemporary installation art museum, has partnered with the Center for Arts & Education at West Liberty University on a learning resource called “The Space I’m In.” The project is a way of thinking, integrating close looking, sensory awareness and big ideas using a series of interactive objects that relate human experience to the world around us. Working with teachers to give them access to artist-created learning tools, professional development and museum support, the educators have collaborated to challenge their students to make connections between memories and physical spaces. The workshop will include an introduction to the Mattress Factory and its education programs and an overview of “The Space I’m In” program followed by a discussion and a hands-on activity with one of the learning tools.
Presenters: Felice Cleveland, Director of Education, and Shannon Berkheiser, Education Programs Coordinator, at the Mattress Factory

Evidence Journals
1½ hoursLevels: 3rd-12th grades$2 Materials Fee
Evidence Journals are a great way for students to start gathering ideas for projects, document an important event, become comfortable with keeping a regular sketchbook or a finished product. Learn how to construct a colorful book without using glue. Participants will be encouraged to use their conference experience as writing prompts to be included in their sketchbook journal.
Presenter: Jennifer Yerdon LeJeune, Assistant Professor of Art, Fairmont State University

Climate Science & Art
1½ hours Levels: 3rd-12th grades and Higher EdNo Fee
In this session, participants will explore hands-on activities that can be used with students in the classroom, based on the newly launched Climate Science Toolkit from the American Chemical Society. The web-based toolkit is designed to put climate science data into the hands of the general public. All activities are mapped to content standards and objectives for both science and art. Feedback will be provided from trial runs of the hands-on activities carried out by elementary education majors from Fairmont University with a group of local 7-14 year old students. During the session, participants will learn about the statewide Climate Science Art Competition running through November 2013.
Presenter: Sandra Cress, Art Educator, Public Studio and Fairmont State University

Salty Silk Scarves
1 hour Levels: 6th-12th grade & Higher Ed $5 Materials Fee
Participants will spray several colors of pigment dye on silk scarves, then sprinkle on salt to create a unique, frost-like pattern. Each scarf will be different and beautiful in its own way! The National Honor Society at Buckhannon-Upshur High School sold these scarves as a fundraiser and made enough money to go on a field trip to the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.
Presenter: Julia Conley, Art Teacher, Buckhannon-Upshur High School

Pretend, Create and Learn with “Play Dough”
2 hours Levels: K-5th grade$5 Materials Fee
Participants in this workshop will make three different air dry clay bodies from common, inexpensive materials. The group will discuss what projects can be successfully completed with each clay mixture. Lesson plans will be provided.
Presenter: Erin McDaniel, WVAEA Student Member at Fairmont State University

Pinterest & Visual Thinking Skills: Who Controls the Life of These Pictures?
2 hours Levels: 9th-12th grades & Higher EdNo Fee
Pinterest is a social networking website which allows participants to collect and attach (pin) images of products, scenes, artworks and other visual images. While it is a site that draws on contemporary expectations of on-line shopping, networking and commentary, it has roots in much older models of design and communication. This workshop will explore how Pinterest functions as a website and how pictures are used, valued and shared by participants. Participants will explore various approaches to reading images in terms of their meanings, forms, and uses, and how those understanding can be explored in a classroom setting across subject disciplines.
Presenter: Paul Zelenvansky, Independent Artist and Writer

Egg Tempera: Making & Painting
1 hour Levels: K-8th gradesNo Fee
Participants will learn about the history of egg tempera and then make their own paints and create artwork. Lesson plans will be provided.
Presenter: Pam Thompson, Art Teacher

Add the Business of Art to Your Lesson
1 HourAll LevelsNo Fee
Rethink your lesson by adding a little of the business of art to it. What do we do with the beautiful things we make after the work is finished? Introduce the business of sales to your students. Participants should bring a calculator with them.
Presenter: Nanette Seligman, Art Teacher

In the Bag
2 HoursAll Levels$10 Materials Fee
Come make a bag that can be used for shopping. You will include a “self-portrait” in some way as you decorate your bag using fabric markers, fabric crayons and other media that can be used on textiles and fiber art projects.
Presenter: Victoria Fergus, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Art Education, West Virginia University

Introduction to WVDE eLearning Graduate Courses
½ Hour All LevelsNo Fee
Introduction to the Professional Development Graduate classes offered by the West Virginia Department of Education. Great classes to use for renewal of teaching certificates and a way to learn current education tools.
Presenter: Nanette Seligman, Art Teacher

Fiji Stained Glass Mural Project
1 HourAll LevelsNo Fee
Join the presenters as they share the how, what and why of their experience of creating a stained glass mural with children in Fiji.
Presenters: Sonda Cheesebrough and Debbie Palmer, Art Teachers

Mixed Media Assemblage
2 HoursAll LevelsNo Fee
Participants will create a mixed media assemblage using plastic product containers and other recycled materials.
Presenter: Robert Villamagna, Assistant Professor of Art and the Director of the Nutting Gallery, West Liberty University

Apps and i-Pads in the Art Room
2 HoursAll LevelsNo Fee
Participants will learn about the many ways i-Pads can be used in the art classroom. A variety of apps will be explored and discussed. i-Pads will be available for use during the workshop. 
Presenter: Brian Fencl, Professor of Art and Chair of the Department of Journalism, Communication Studies and Visual Art, West Liberty University

GigaPan in the Classroom
1 ½ HoursAll LevelsNo Fee
An earthly adaptation of NASA’s Mars Rover imaging technology - GigaPan helps bring distant communities and peoples together through images that have so much detail that they are, themselves, the objects of exploration, discovery, and wonder. Using a small robotic device, point and shoot camera, stitching software, interactive online platforms and large-scale prints, GigaPan is enabling people to explore, experience, and share each other's world. Participants will learn about the many ways GigaPan can be used in the classroom.
Presenter: Lou Karas, Director of the Center for Arts & Education, West Liberty University

Creative Learning Spaces
1½ HoursAll LevelsNo Fee
There is growing research to support the idea that the physical space of learning environments impacts the actual learning that takes place, in partnership with the teacher. The College of Education at West Liberty University is turning that research into reality with a two-year project to rethink both indoor and outdoor educational spaces to become flexible and creative learning environments. Participants will learn about the project and discuss ways to re-think and re-arrange their classrooms in creative ways. 
Presenter: Dr. Keely Camden, Dean, College of Education, West Liberty University

Simple Silkscreen Techniques
1½ HoursAll LevelsNo Fee
Participants will learn easy-to-do silkscreen techniques using portable equipment designed by Artist Image Resources and the Warhol Museum. Teachers will be able to borrow the equipment to do class projects through West Liberty’s Center for Arts & Education.
Presenter: Rachel Shipley, Artist Educator Fellow, Center for Arts & Education, West Liberty University

Student Portfolios: What Do We Look For?
1 HourLevels: 9th-12th GradesNo Fee
Join us for a discussion about what higher education looks for in student portfolios.
Presenter: Brian Fencl, Professor of Art and Chair of the Department of Journalism, Communication Studies and Visual Art, West Liberty University

An Introduction to MakeShop
1½ HoursAll LevelsNo Fee
Learn about the “Maker Education Initiative” and the growing “Maker Movement” that are creating opportunities for young people to make, and by “making”, foster creativity and spark interest in STEAM learning. Participants will experience hands-on activities in the “Mini-MakeShop” space being created by the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh and West Liberty University’s Center for Arts & Education.
Presenter: Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

Concentric Kirigami
1 HourLevels: Grades 3-12No Fee
A variation on Japanese Origami, Kirigami is created by folding paper and cutting portions away. This surprisingly uncomplicated relief sculpture is assembled with “rings” cut from double-sided sheets of colorful cardstock. The edges of the rings are folded, cut, unfolded, and layered concentrically (placed around the same center point) to make modern-day Kirigami designs.
Presenter: Presenter: Sandy Shaw, Art Teacher, Woodrow Wilson High School & WVAEA President; The workshop is sponsored by Dick Blick

Fish Kites & Wind Socks
1½ HoursLevels: 3rd-12th Grades$5 Materials Fee
Participants will create a fish wind sock using block printing techniques on "smart fab" fabric.  This is an excellent activity that addresses Common Core standards for Art and Social Studies. 
Presenter: Sandy Shaw, Art Teacher, Woodrow Wilson High School & WVAEA President

Paper Beads
1 HourAll LevelsNo Fee
Beautiful beads can easily and inexpensively be made using a variety of recycled paper products. This project can be introduced to students of all ages.  Participants will learn the simple technique and create their own bead collection.
Presenter: Rachel Shipley, Artist Educator Fellow, Center for Arts & Education at West Liberty University

Digital Media Tools in the Classroom
1½ HoursLevels: 9th-12th GradesNo Fee
Participate in an interactive discussion about digital media tools in the classroom. Learn what hardware and software teachers are using and explore the creative ways to use free or low cost software, yet still be competitive.
Presenter: James Haizlett, Associate Professor of Graphic and Digital Media Design, West Liberty University

In addition to the workshops on both days, there will be opportunities to visit the displays and vendors, see several exhibits, join informal discussions and participate in hands-on activities in our Try It Studio in between the workshops.
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